Carlton Social Responsibility

Carlton Social Responsibility

Our world is moving and continues to change: some of these changes deserve special attention and support. As a responsible member of the Malagasy society, Carlton Hotel is proud to be an active participant in the communities, volunteering to improve the lives of people.

This year, Carlton will be an active partner and a real support for several organizations whose actions seem important.

EPP Ambaniala

Let's make children smile! The Carlton Hotel participates in the end-of-school-year party of the EPP Ambaniala. It was organized by the Enfants de la Joie association in the month of July 2016.

The Carlton Hotel shared a joyful moment with those young students.




When it comes to our commitment: Carlton has signed a partnership with the NGO ENDA concerning a hotel-school project for young people from disadvantaged area.


At the Carlton Hotel, we believe that excellence is possible and exists in our country. It is for  this reason we encourage our employees by offering them training which builds their expertise, knowledge and even, often, their passion. Therefore, giving support to projects such as Short Movie Festival which involves progress, training, education and sharing; is absolutely natural. As we know, the world of cinema is linked to dreams and that’s exactly what Carlton invites its customers to try out. Laza, the Director of Short Movie Festival  returns to Madagascar after his studies in Europe to share his knowledge, expertise and, of course, his passion with young Malagasy people. That is what brings us together and why Carlton supports these meetings: sharing knowledge and passion.

April 16 th , 2016, Carlton will host the Director’s reception; an important moment which brings together a dozen of winners involved in the competition.

April 23 rd , 2016, Carlton will reward the best actress and best actor during the closing ceremony.

Carlton and Short Movie Festival, this is the beginning of a story, like in the movies. The script is launched.


Hôtel Carlton soutient Autisme Madagascar

The marginalization is intolerable, no matter what are the causes or origins.

To inform people is the way of breaking down the walls, breaking the silence. With giving support to the Autism Association Madagascar, Carlton displays its commitment to make everyone aware of the rights of people with this developmental disorder that affects brain function. Accept others and share: this is one of the values on which Carlton relies on to harmonize the development of its team.

Therefore, Carlton is proud to support the World Day of Autism Awareness, the April 02nd, by giving them a meeting room and breakfast for 50 organization members who are working locally. The same day, Carlton joins establishments, landmarks, and homes across the globe by shining bright blue lights in honor of the millions of individuals and families affected by autism.

Carlton is proud to be partner of Operation Smile in Madagascar

Improve the health and lives of people suffering from cleft lip or cleft palate; this is the  objective of the Operation Smile, a medical organization which is established in over 60 countries. In Madagascar since 2007, Operation Smile has received support from Carlton and  the Lion's Club of Analamanga to change the lives of over 2,000 malagasy people. These free surgeries are accompanied by training of health professionals. During the month of April 2016, Carlton was again involved in the action by providing accommodation during the  campaign, snacks for members working in the HJRA hospital and by the presence of volunteer staff members.

This social aspect of the action of Carlton is fully justified and related to corporate values that encourages volunteerism among members of its team. The well-known “Fihavanana” or solidarity is for sure a value of our society.